Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Thoughts "(from Psalm 139)

"Thoughts "(from Psalm 139)

It really saddens my heart, that... with the stroke of a pen
you can cancel out an entire account
and with a statement or just a word...
you can end a long time friendship or marriage

How cheap and shabby we treat a human life
with thoughtless behavior
just to please our moments of pain
and frustration

Shouldn't we be asking ourselves some questions... like
how can we really expect to build a good home
and at the same time
destroy all the efforts we make

First of all.. to do any building of value
there must be a plan.. .But!. . we say
we don't have any plans for the future
then, what is the purpose?

To make money?.. for what?
to care and love someone?.. .for what reason?
to dream?....about what?
to hope'? what end?

That makes no sense at all, for it's like a empty vessel
it is not even loving or caring for one's self
for God tells us we are fearfully...
and wonderfully made

So starting with that truth, shouldn't we
be sitting goals, making plans, seeking directions
and purpose... for without these
we fail and will never succeed

Being a total loving person.. and reaching for the goals...
for then and only then.. will God bless our efforts
but to often we think.. that’s my neighbor.. or my mate
when I must ask myself "Lord, isn't it me your speaking to,"

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